About Us

About Us

Remedi came about from the passion and desire to live well in all aspects of one’s life.

All too often, companies and individuals focus on only one aspect of wellness. At Remedi, we believe that wellness encompasses the mind, body and spirit, which is why our services and products are customized for each individual.

Remedi’s team has consistently demonstrated excellence in design, execution, commitment, and service standards. From the exquisite interior design, latest in medical aesthetic technology, staff expertise and service excellence, Remedi guarantees its guests comfort, privacy, and unsurpassed wellness results.

At Remedi, you will discover a holistic approach to wellness which includes a blend of medical aesthetics, skincare products, education, fitness, nutrition and supplements.

Meet Our Team

Walaa Zeidan 

CEO & Director of Wellness

Kamel Seklaoui

Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing and Breathwork Practitioner

Jasslyn McCroy

Skin Health Specialist

Dr. Hermann Pirela

Innovative Aesthetics Solutions

Dr. Stark

Naturopathic Doctor

Jacqueline van der Made

Naturopathic Medical Student

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