Jasslyn McCroy

Skin Health Specialist

Growing up in Mission, BC, I have always been passionate about medical aesthetics, holistic health and beauty.

I am an alumnus of VCC’s Esthetics, Skin and Body Therapy Program and I have been active in the field of Medical Aesthetics for two years as a Specialist at Remedi.

Having been enthusiastic about holistic health since young age, I believe that a holistic approach is beneficial in helping us healing and nurturing our physical and mental health.

Knowing how important health is to each of us, I would love to share my knowledge and expertise to help people gain new and positive perspectives not just about skincare and skin health, but their wellness in general.

Here are some fun facts about me: consider myself pretty much a pro, or maybe semi-pro, snowboarder. I am also a huge animal lover; I have advocated for animal rights and have been close with animals since I was learning how to speak.

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