Walaa Zeidan

CEO & Director of Wellness

Walaa is the CEO and Director of Wellness at Remedi Wellness & Spa. – a company that provides a holistic approach to wellness by blending medical aesthetics, skincare products, education, fitness, nutrition and supplements. 

Walaa is also a management consultant and Feng Shui Master with a passion to create well-being, harmony and abundance between the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual aspects of one’s life.  As a Feng Shui Master, she’s received distinction status by one of the most renowned Feng Shui Grand Masters in Asia.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, growing up during a period of civil unrest, Walaa came to Canada as a refugee.  A tremendous journey of perseverance and handwork led her to become a sought after management consultant and leading authority on creating a better personal, professional and spiritual life.  

Walaa wants to live in a world filled with hard copy books, hand written notes and fast cars. When she’s not consulting at the Spa or combining a mix of Feng Shui principles, Sacred Geometry and Interior Design in order to create a ‘Better Life by Design’ you can find her practicing yoga, cooking up a storm or enjoying time with her family and friends.

Having recently become a mother, she has now shifted her focus towards her own self care and personal health journey.  She hopes that this new chapter in her life will allow her to support her clients more by sharing what she has found to be helpful for her.

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