The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life


There is a silent sleep loss epidemic that is fast becoming one of the greatest public health challenges that we face in the 21st Century.  The disruption of sleep, specifically REM sleep, is an underappreciated factor that is contributing to the cognitive decline in aging and most recently in Alzheimer’s disease as well.  Sleep loss is having a catastrophic impact on our health, our wellness and even the safety and education of our children.

The Hippocampus, a structure that sits on the left and right side of the brain is of particular interest to scientists studying sleep-deprivation.  The Hippocampus is very good at receiving and storing new memory files.  Yet in those who are sleep-deprived, there actually is no significant signal whatsoever.  Without sleep, the memory circuits of the brain become impaired and you effectively cannot absorb new memories. The modern term for this is “brain fog” and is often overlooked and therefore not properly addressed.  Be sure to monitor your sleep habits and aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night.  Your health and your overall quality of life depend on it.

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