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Cyto B-Complex


A complete blend of active B-vitamins with added L-Theanine and spirulina for patients with low energy, mental health concerns, stress and cognitive impairment.

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B-vitamins are a primary fuel for the human body. They are necessary co-factors in enzymatic reactions and most physiological functions. Unfortunately, many people have suboptimal dietary intake to match the demands of the body, with various stressors and medications being well-known to deplete various B-vitamins. Cyto B-Complex offers a complete blend of active and highly bioavailable B-vitamins to replete the system.

Although B-vitamins are classically considered for their ability to improve energy, mood and cognition, the list of benefits and indications is vast. For example, vitamins B6, B12 and B9 (folate) collectively help to reduce homocysteine, a toxic metabolite correlated with a greater risk of cardiovascular events, osteoporosis, dementia and other chronic diseases. Many B-vitamins are necessary for the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA, while in the liver B-vitamins play a crucial role in detoxification processes. Finally, Myo-inositol acts as a ‘B-vitamin-like’ compound that improves receptor sensitivity, hormone balancing and mood.

Its deficiency can not only cause sore gums, but it can also make you feel tired. Since it is vital for our immune system’s functioning, it is the key to prevent infections and inflammation. It helps us maintain an optimum level of white blood cells including T Cells. Additionally, it channelizes the actions of our white blood cells using a protein called interleukin. While it is commonly found in poultry, meat, lentils and certain vegetables, animal-based sources are usually better absorbed by our bodies.