Lack of sleep can erode your DNA genetic code – Sleep Tips


Today we will provide you some sleep tips. Sleep studies have concluded that getting an average of six hours of sleep per night instead of the recommended eight, causes 711 genes to become distorted in their activity in as little as one week.  Half of those 711 genes actually increased their activity.  Genes associated with tumors, long-term chronic inflammation and genes associated with stress.

It is crucial to address sleep when discussing health concerns with your MD or ND.  The link may not always be obvious and your symptoms may seem unrelated, but scientific evidence indicates a strong link that must be considered.

Sleep Tips:

  • Regularity– keep your sleep times the same each day of the week.
  • Temperature– Sleep at 18 degrees Celsius
  • Sleep routine– have one. Get ready for bed one hour before bed.  Make it a ritual. Dim the lights, turn off electronics, have a bath, take a sleep supplement or have some chamomile tea. No phones, computers or TV in bed. Switch off your home wifi as it has been shown to disturb brain activity.

Teas that are recommended for sleep:

  • Chamomile: reduces inflammation and anxiety.  It is often regarded as a mild sedative or tranquilizer
  • Lavender: calming and soothing
  • Valerian Root (this one is so awesome and I’ve used it for travel to help set my circadian rhythm back.)  Its claim to fame is that it increases GABA
  • Lemon Balm: same as Valerian Root, but tastes way better.

There are more teas, but these are the best and I’ve used them all.

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