Body Contouring

Define & Shape Your Body Without Surgery

We provide an exclusive collection of Body Contouring services that will help you achieve your physical and cosmetic goals. Through advanced techniques and technology, our team of technicians delivers high-end results, as well as the level of care you deserve.



This FDA-approved and non-invasive technique works by delivering controlled cooling to lightly and effectively target and eliminate the fat cells. It produces a safe non-surgical solution for the elimination of stubborn body fat.

Body FX

BodyFX is an advanced, patented contouring technology that uses radiofrequency to target the fat tissue that builds cellulite and other undesired fat cells.

Forma & Forma Plus

This innovative and extremely-effective therapy harnesses the power of radio frequency to non-invasively create thermal skin treatment. It gives deep and even tissue stimulation resulting in collagen reproduction and skin tightening.

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